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Symptoms and Remedies - More on Homeopathy Symptoms and remedies More on homeopathy

Homeopathy is a complete medical system – meaning that it can provide relief for whatever ails you, from every-day sniffles to severe chronic disease with the help of a professional homeopath.

Founded in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), homeopathy quickly spread throughout Europe and beyond, and has been gaining popularity worldwide in the two centuries since. Now it’s used by millions of people, and in fact is integrated into the medical and public health insurance systems of multiple nations.  (Switzerland just recently decided to take this step.)

Even in North America, where it has encountered the stiffest opposition, homeopathy is growing steadily as people hear about it, try it, and get results. It’s been shown scientifically to be as effective in many conditions as conventional medications, but without risks such as toxicity, side effects, addiction, rebound effects, and creation of super-microbes.

Homeopathic remedies are chosen for use by matching the symptoms associated with the particular remedy to the symptoms plaguing you. Combination products are made up of several remedies (most derived from plants) that, together, will cover most symptoms.

One excellent homeopathic medicine to have, even carry with you, is Arnica. A single (one-source) remedy derived from a herb long-known to relieve impact injuries, Arnica is the one to take right away if you get badly bruised, wrench an ankle, take a bang on the head, or even feel spacey from having an IV inserted – any physical injury painful enough to leave you feeling somewhat shocked. As many professional sports teams have learned, athletes should not be without it.

Homeopathy works great for kids and is safe even for babies. Possibly the most commonly-used medicine for the super-young is Chamomilla. It works like a charm on baby’s teething pains, and therefore on Mommy’s sanity.

As you learn more about homeopathy and all the different common afflictions it can help with, you’ll want to gradually expand your collection of medicines and your expertise. There are “remedy finders” online and also some excellent how-to books. Your confidence will increase with practice!

All the homeopathic medicines mentioned above are available at the Big Carrot’s Wholistic Dispensary. Ask the Dispensary’s friendly homeopathically-trained consultants to help you find what you want.

About the Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy (3CH)

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