Take the Turkey Test

Take the Turkey Test Take the Turkey Test

Take the Turkey Test

Still undecided about which bird to buy for your holiday table? You have come to the right spot. Don’t be fooled by label claims such as Natural, Sustainable or Free Range. At the Big Carrot we only offer Organic turkey- because organic turkey is turkey you can trust. Organic is a federally regulated; third party verified system ~ that means it is traceable from turkey to table.

The Turkey Test:

Organic turkey might be the bird for you if:

You are concerned about improved animal welfare and want all livestock to have access to outdoors, shade, fresh air & sunlight


Organic is not just about what animals eat it is about how the animal lives. Embedded in the Organic Standard are rules that have grown out of the importance of respecting the natural behaviour of animals

You prefer to avoid GMO feed and unnecessary antibiotics


Organic is the only federally regulated system that ensures producers are not using antibiotics. Choosing organic not only protects us personally from antibiotic-resistant bacteria it also provides a means to combat the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria in our food system at large.

You appreciate the positive impacts of organic farming on the environment


Organic agriculture is all about building soil health. These practices result in the soil’s ability to hold nutrients, water, and improved microbial biodiversity.

If you checked one or more of the above boxes than it is time to treat yourself to an Organic Turkey. Doing the right thing, never tasted so good.

You can order your organic Yorkshire Valley turkey through The Big Carrot. Sign-up in store or e-mail [email protected]

Maureen Kirkpatrick, Standards Coordinator

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