The Big Carrot BYO Program

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At The Big Carrot, we strive to curate and sell the best food possible. This is reflected in our core values – organic, non-GMO, fairly traded, local and sustainable seafood. We also aim for best practices in our operations, to have as little impact on the planet as we can. This is a challenge as a grocery retailer but our goal is to do our best and always find ways to improve.

In early 2019 we struck a Waste Reduction Working Group to review different areas of our business including packaging, garbage disposal and customer incentives. Some of our actions were easy to implement and others have longer-term deadlines but the good news is, we came up with some new, innovative ways that we can all do a little better.

BYO incentives – These simple habits will have the greatest impact on reducing the waste we produce.

Grocery bag 2000 rewards points for every reusable grocery bag you fill
Lunch container

.25c discount on your meal from the Carrot Kitchen when you BYO-container

*must be weighed first by a cashier and be clean

Bulk container

.25c discount on your bulk purchases when you BYO-container

*must be weighed first by a cashier and be clean, does not include reusable bags

Coffee or drink cup

.10c discount on your coffee or drink at our juice bars when you BYO-cup

.35c discount on any 1-litre bottle you refill.

*must be clean

Thank you for shopping with us, we really do believe we have the best customers in the city! We know that TOGETHER we can make a difference with small and big actions!


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