The New Carrot Kitchen

The New Carrot Kitchen The new Carrot Kitchen

Grand Opening is Monday January 9, 2017!

The Carrot Kitchen is The Big Carrot Natural Food Market’s new eatery and food service department.

We are proud to serve our community fresh, local and organic dishes.

Daily our cooks create a healthy selection of fresh, innovative dishes with ingredients sourced from many local farmers and producers. We use organic ingredients when ever possible because we believe organic is the best choice for our plates and our planet.

We have a variety of dishes suitable for many specific dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, made without gluten and/or dairy.

In addition to our traditional vegetarian dishes we are introducing a new and exciting food service concept including:

  • Salad Bar – build your own and composed salads
  • Hot Food Bar
  • Sandwich Bar
  • Taqueria
  • 4 daily soups, stews and therapeutic broths
  • Dozens of Grab & Go snacks and meals
  • Rotisserie Organic Chicken
  • Pastries and Desserts

These new selections will keep you coming back for more. Some highlights include our signature sandwiches, hot soups, stews and broths as well as our fresh salad bar full of organic vegetables. The Taqueria boasts tacos as well as Build Your Own burritos, bowls and salads. The hot food bar is comprised of some of your favourite traditional Big Carrot vegetarian recipes as well as some new and unique dishes.


We are proud to partner with some of Ontario’s best organic farmers and suppliers. Organic means:

  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No chemical fertilizer
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • No GMOs
  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Preservation of ecological integrity including soil, water, air

Our organic suppliers include:

Chicken – Yorkshire Valley

Dairy – Organic Meadow and Harmony Organic

Deli Ham – Field Gate

Bacon – DuBreton

Sprouted Grain Bread – Silver Hills

Rye Bread – Dimpflmeier

Vegetables – Pfenning’s, The New Farm, Sosnicki’s and many other local farmers

All of our other merchants adhere to our rigorous store standards whereby our non-organic meat is traditionally raised, hormone and antibiotic-free. Our suppliers use traditional farming practices that allow for the animals to roam and feed. We believe that this is essential for the well being of the animal, which affects the quality and healthfulness of the final product.


McLeans – Sliced turkey, ham, salami, roast beef

Weber’s – Beef

Niagara – Proscuitto

Nanuk – Salmon

Raincoast – Canned Tuna

We look forward to sharing this new space with our community. Thank you for your patience during this renovation. We promise it will be worth it!

Join us Monday January 9 when the Carrot Kitchen reopens. There will be plenty of samples of our new dishes as well as 10x your customer rewards points on all Carrot Kitchen purchases Jan 9 – 14.

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