Upcoming Sustainable Seafood Transition

Upcoming Sustainable Seafood Transition National Sustainable Seafood Day May 9 1

SeaChoice is proud to announce that after years of working directly with the Big Carrot the Toronto retailer has reached a level of sustainability in store that is nearly unparalleled in Canada.

The Big Carrot currently sells no “Avoid”, red-ranked seafood and still continues to improve the sustainability and selection of their seafood from year to year.

SeaChoice has worked closely with the Big Carrot to reach this milestone — the ultimate goal of which is increasing the sustainability of how seafood is harvested in Canada and abroad by increasing the demand for environmentally responsible seafood, and likewise reducing demand for that which is unsustainable.

SeaChoice and The Big Carrot work with their seafood suppliers to collect annual data to track progress and verify the provenance of seafood sold, including where and how the seafood was caught or farmed and the volume bought.

In 2016, 40% of all seafood sold at the Big Carrot was from sources ranked “Best Choice”, 60% from “Good Alternative”, and none came from “Avoid” or unranked sources. Compare this to the national below.

Upcoming Sustainable Seafood Transition Upcoming Sustainable Seafood Transition3

The Big Carrot is a shining example of how SeaChoice’s retailer partnerships have been successful in shifting seafood procurement away from unsustainable sources, and in developing consumer awareness of sustainable seafood options in Canada.

SeaChoice values and congratulates The Big Carrot for its efforts and ongoing commitment to sustainable seafood procurement and consumer education.

Having achieved significant progress in the retail landscape, SeaChoice is in the process of pivoting into the next decade of work to improve the sustainability of seafood produced in, and imported into Canada. Over the coming months there may be some changes in store as SeaChoice moves on from direct work with the Big Carrot and shifts their focus to other areas of need in Canadian seafood sustainability.

Be assured that this will not affect the underpinnings of The Big Carrot’s sustainable seafood program – The Big Carrot’s commitment to sustainable seafood will remain as comprehensive as before. They will continue to provide sustainable seafood, collect data, work with suppliers to ensure sustainability, educate consumers and, where possible, continue to create positive change on the water through policy outreach. When you shop at the Big Carrot you will continue to be provided with sustainable seafood options at great prices.

Kurtis Hayne – Sustainable Seafood Market Analyst at SeaChoice

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