When it comes to buying milk, the options can be overwhelming. With choices ranging from Organic and Pastured / Grass-fed to Conventional, making an informed decision is important for both your health and the environment. We sell all three distinctions at The Big Carrot and our comprehensive Milk Buying Guide will help you make educated choices that align with your values and health goals.

Download our Milk Buying Guide here! 

Organic Milk

Organic milk comes from cows raised on Certified Organic Farms, and is the healthiest option available. These cows are not given synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics and are fed organic feed. They are Pastured / Grass-fed during their grazing season. Choosing organic milk means supporting more sustainable and humane farming practices, reducing your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, and promoting the health of the environment. 

Organic Milk facts - 

  • Regulated Non-GMO Feed
  • Governed by the federally regulated Canada Organic Standard
  • Annual 3rd party inspections
  • Must be fed an organic (Non-GMO) diet
  • Minimum of 60% of diet must come from pasture / dried forage
  • Must have access to pasture throughout the grazing season
  • Grains and grain byproducts permitted
  • Routine use of antibiotics is prohibited 
  • Drugs can only be given to treat an illness 

Organic Milk Brands we sell in-store: Organic Meadow, Harmony Organic and Hewitt's Dairy.

Pastured / Grass-fed Milk

Pastured / Grass-Fed milk originates from cows that graze on natural pasture lands, mimicking their natural diet. This milk is richer in beneficial nutrients than conventional and the cows tend to have a better quality of life. 

Pastured / Grass-fed Milk facts - 

  • Committed to Non-GMO Feed
  • Not governed by a regulated claim
  • No 3rd party inspections
  • Grass/forage diet for the lifetime of ruminant animals, with the exception of milk consumed prior to weaning
  • Continuous access to pasture / stored forage in winter
  • No grain or grain byproducts in the diet
  • All livestock must have access to pasture for their entire lives - helping to reduce stress / disease
  • Committed to sourcing and raising livestock without the use of antibiotics or added hormones

Pastured / Grass-fed Brands we sell in-store: Rolling Meadow Dairy and Hope Eco-Farms.

Conventional Milk 

Conventional Milk is the most affordable options and also widely available among grocery stores. These cows are fed a conventional feed which contains GMO's. While it meets regulatory standards for safety, some consumers opt for alternatives due to concerns about potential health and environmental impacts. 

Conventional Milk facts - 

  • Conventional Feed
  • Ontario milk is a pooled supply-managed commodity
  • Canadian milk is free from added hormones
  • Canadian milk is tested for antibiotics prior to being accepted at processing
  • Conventional feed (contains GMO) predominantly silage and grain
  • Grains and grain byproducts included in the diet
  • Average number of cows in a milking herd in Canada is 70, unlike intensive US operations that can house up to 10K cows
  • Have access to pasture

Conventional Brands we sell in-store: Best Baa Dairy Limited, Sheldon Creek Dairy and Hewitt's Dairy.

Whether you opt for Organic, Pastured / Grass-fed or Conventional milk, being well-informed empowers you to make choices that resonate with your values. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at info@thebigcarrot or visit in-store and speak to our staff nutritionists. 

Please note: some brands are not available at all of our locations.