Yes we do!

Danforth Community Market
There is metered parking behind the Danforth Community Market owned and operated by the Carrot Common. Issues with parking or tickets should be directed to The Carrot Common.

There is also a Green P parking lot across from Chester Station and limited street parking on Jackman Ave and Hurndale Ave.

We now validate parking at The Danforth Community Market! Spend $50.00 or more and we will reimburse up to 1 hour - $3.00 value. Present your parking ticket at checkout to receive reimbursement.

Beach Community Market
There are 19 free parking spaces in the underground parking lot at the Beach Community Market. Access to the lot is in the alley behind the store off of Southwood Drive.

The Carrot Common encompasses all the stores and businesses at addresses 320 and 348 Danforth.

We were the flagship store of the Carrot Common, one of many retailers in the Common. The building is privately owned by the Carrot Common Corporation.

Information about The Carrot Common seminar room is available here

Information about The Carrot Green Roof is available here

Yes, we have accessible parking spaces, entrances and washrooms. The juice bar at the Danforth Community Market is not fully accessible but it is at street level and our staff are trained to assist you if you need help entering the space

Our Carrot Kitchen, juice and smoothie bars are predominantly grab & go. We have limited indoor seating at The Danforth Community Market. There is outdoor seating at both locations in the warmer months and The Carrot Green roof at our Danforth location is a lovely place to enjoy a meal or drink!

We have a variety of dishes to cater to many diets.

Danforth Community Market

Hot and cold food bar with many vegan and vegetarian options. Burrito and taco bar. Grab & go sandwiches, meals, soup, salads, snacks and rotisserie chicken.

Beach Community Market

Hot meal combos with both vegetarian and meat options. Grab & go sandwiches, meals, soup, salads, snacks and rotisserie chicken.

We do not offer a catering service at this time.

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard and Visa. We also provide an in-store ATM.  We do not accept personal or business cheques of any kind.

Unopened cases in grocery, bulk and produce are applicable for a 10% discount with the exception of some items. Items already on sale receive a 5% discount. Cases of regular priced dairy and dairy alternatives receive a 5% discount.  We do not sell at wholesale or to suppliers.

Yes! We have Big Carrot gift cards available for any denomination over $10. Gift Cards can be purchased at customer service.

Nutrition tour hours vary at our stores. You can call 416-466-2129 for accurate hours and to book a tour.Note:  This service pertains to in-store tours only.  We are unable to do telephone consults, however we are more than happy to answer quick questions by phone.  Store tours are not a substitute for a full private nutritional consultation. Nutritionists are not able to diagnose or sign forms or letters pertaining to the health of customers.  Please refer to our Dispensary if you need assistance with supplements or remedies.

Yes, in our Wholistic Dispensary and Wellness Departments we do have naturopathic doctors on staff. They are available to fill prescriptions, answer basic questions about products and help you with product selection. They are not able diagnose or give full consultations.

Deliveries to the store can fluctuate. We always recommend calling ahead if you want a specific item. Items can be set aside for pick-up if you call to make arrangements.

You can register your new rewards card here. We do require an e-mail address to register your card. You must fully register your card to redeem your points. If you lose your rewards card, contact

In April 2023 we went bagless. Please bring a reusable bag or purchase one of ours.

Yes, we encourage you to bring your own containers as long as they are clean and dry!

Coffee cup – 10c discount

1 litre juice bottle – 35c discount

Lunch container – 25c discount (must be weighed in advance)

Bulk container – 25c discount (must be weighed in advance)

Standard mason jars can be refilled with our soup

Email for further details.

Online Ordering & Delivery

We’re now on Instacart for Delivery. Place your online order here:

Unfortunately, any issues you encounter during your experience with Instacart will need to be dealt with through the Instacart App. Once the shopper and your items leave our store, it is out of our hands.